Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thoughts on blogging/I'm back!

Hello readers (those of you who've hopefully stuck around!) Well, it's definitely been more than the month I said I'd be on break for. Honestly I was kind of getting burned out from the whole blogging experience and needed to step back for awhile. I started this blog as a fun hobby, but in my mind I was turning it into way more than it was. Worrying about how many views I did/didn't get, comparing myself to other bloggers, etc. That was not my intent when I started this thing! It was supposed to be something fun to do, not something that caused me stress! Yes, the 'numbers' behind a blog are a nice perk I guess you could say, but I'm not doing this full-time. I have a full-time job, I don't need another one. So along those lines, here are some things I learned on my break/reminders for when this starts stressing me out/different directions I'd like to take this blog in the future. Actually, feel free to skip over these, they are mainly reminders for myself anyway ;)

  • I am not going to post every single day. A lot of you do, and that's awesome. I thought I could [had to] do that too, but that just caused a lot of stress. My hubby keeps telling me that some of his favorite blogs sometimes only post a couple times a month, so I shouldn't worry about more. Unless I'm doing some sort of collaboration or other link-up or theme week, I'm only going to post 2 or 3 times a week. 
  • Along those same lines, I'm not going to post if I have nothing to post about. Before, I'd post an outfit that I wasn't happy with just so I'd have a post for the day, then look back at it and wonder why I posted it in the first place. If I don't feel inspired, then I don't have to post anything.
  • I'm also not going to worry about when I publish a post or joining link-ups right when they open. Before, I always had to make sure I posted right away in the morning so everyone would see it right away [dumb.] and also make sure I joined link-ups as soon as I woke up in the morning so I'd be higher up on the list [super dumb.] If people want to read my blog, they will read my blog whether it's 6 in the morning, or 3 in the afternoon :)
  • My blog started off as a lifestyle blog, then I switched over to a fashion blog, but I miss posting about every-day things. So that's why I'm switching things up again to a life AND style blog! If I loose readers because of that, oh well! I want to be free not only to post about what I'm wearing, but what I'm eating, what I'm watching, what I'm doing, things about our home, things about my faith, [eventually] things about starting a family... I don't want to feel limited because I have a 'certain' type of blog. And I'm sure sometimes it will be more fashion-heavy or home-heavy or something, but I will write what I want when I want :)

I don't know if I'm quite ready to jump back in the blogging thing with both feet, but hopefully I can start off slow and ease my way back into it :) (Actually, I wrote this post 2 weeks ago and it has been sitting as a draft since then!)