Friday, May 1, 2015

Budget Babes: Black and White

Happy Friday again! Once again I'm collaborating with Rachel and Ada for another week of Budget Babes. This week is all about black and white! I like this trend all year round but it seems so fresh in the spring, especially wearing white on the bottom. Rachel and I had the same idea in our outfits with white on bottom and black on the top while Ada mixed it up with a fun, white, windowpane top! Make sure you check these lovely ladies out! 


 Top (Old Navy): $10?
Skirt (Gordmans): $15?
Shoes (Gap): $10?
Necklace (Thrifted): $2.38
Earrings (Edith Marie): $3
Watch (Gift): $0
Bracelets (Tiny Dazzles and Purple Peridot): $0 and $7

Total= $47.38

The reason why I have so many question marks next to many of my items is because they are relatively older pieces in my closet and most things I got pre-blog I have no idea how much I paid!

I guess I am a woman of few words this week. That's about all I have to say! Now go out and enjoy your Friday :) Join us next week when we style floral dresses on a budget!


  1. I love your flowy white maxi skirt! Black and white is always a great combo!

    Doused In Pink

  2. I agree with you that black+white is good forever and for all seasons. A woman of a few words you are but that white maxi skirt is pretty. Love your jewelry too. I am very much looking forward to floral dresses next week. =)

  3. Cute combination Maria!! I love those KS inspired earrings, very lovely.
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  4. I just adore black and white! You can wear this combo to almost any event! It is perfection! Love the skirt too! Stop by and link you post to our new Charming Friday link up today!! Susan

  5. Black and white is always a winning combination! Your white maxi skirts looks lovely on you!

  6. I love that so many of your pieces are ones you've had for a while. This outfit is timeless and super cute! ;) Have a fabulous weekend, Maria!