Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Style with Julep

I was contacted last week by Julep to create a holiday outfit featuring a fun nail polish design. I was very excited to participate as I really love their nail polish! If you've never heard of Julep before, check out their website! Basically they are a monthly subscription service in which you can get fully customizable boxes of nail polish and beauty products. I've been a member for I think about a year and have gotten some fun colors of nail polish from their company. And it's always fun to get a surprise in the mail :) If you are interested in signing up, you can do so here!

When coming up with a fun holiday outfit, I naturally turned to Pinterest. I recently purchased a buffalo plaid top, and was really drawn to outfits that feature the buffalo plaid dressed up. Here are a couple of my favorites:

I think the plaid top makes enough of a statement on its own, so I added a basic necklace to my outfit and kept the shoes and clutch in the neutral category.

Holiday Party

Charlotte Russe red top

Pointed toe pumps

ASOS clutch
$19 - asos.com

Evening necklace

In finding a fun nail polish design, again I turned to Pinterest! (isn't that such a wonderful site for inspiration??) Here are some of my favorites:

I definitely think sparkles are a must in any holiday manicure, and I stayed in shades of red to coordinate with the plaid top. While the shades in the pictures aren't necessarily from Julep, you can see their current shades here. Specific shades I would use for these manicures are "Andrea," "Anisa," "Bonnie," "Chatoya," and "Joyce" just to name a few (seriously, there are so many polish colors to choose from!)

How do you like to coordinate your holiday outfits and manicures?

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  1. I wish my nails looked that good, these photos are amazing, and so is your style board.Thank you for linking up with "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me" today and congrats on being featured. Rachel xo

    1. My nails never look this good! Maybe someday :)

  2. Love the mani inspiration and your style board! The plaid and maxi skirt is such a cute look!


    1. Thanks Jill! I think I want to be on the lookout now for a skirt like this to wear with my plaid top!

  3. I recently purchased a Red/Black Buffalo Shirt too (I want a White/Black one as well lol). Love the outfits you were inspired by and especially the one you created. I am wearing my Buffalo Shirt as I am typing this and you will see it on my blog, next week. All those nails look gorgeous also. Unfortunately, I on't get along with my nails - I bite them. Shame on me, I know.

    1. I'm wearing my buffalo shirt now too :) It's definitely one of my favorites! I'm looking forward to seeing how you styled yours!

  4. Replies
    1. They are so fun! I think I'll be trying some of these over the holidays, although I don't think I could get them to look near as good!