Monday, December 8, 2014

My birthday/weekend happenings

Hello friends :) I hope you all had a great weekend! (only 2 left until Christmas... when did that happen?) We had fun celebrating my birthday, which is actually today but hubby works late so we don't have time to do anything. 28 years old today! I can't believe I'm almost 30, but now that I'm so close to reaching that milestone, it doesn't seem near as old as I once thought it was! I'm still young :) Or at least I like to think so when hubby and I play Lego Lord of the Rings...

Here's some of the fun we had this weekend:


After work, I did some shopping for my Instagram Secret Santa:

Then watched one of my favorite Christmas movies, Home Alone! I don't think I could ever get tired of this movie :)


I was reminiscing back to our Florida trip as I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee:

I did some shopping for a new planner. I am one that likes to write things down in an actual calendar as opposed to having it on my phone. Last year I got a calendar from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples. It was a binder with different paper inserts to go inside. I then found out the line was being discontinued, which kind of bummed me out, because I really liked how the pages were laid out. So off I went to Target, Barnes and Noble, Staples, shopping online... You guys, I seriously spend at least 20 minutes in the planner aisle at Staples looking though each one. Yep, I'm weird, but it's something I'm going to be using every day so it has to be something I like! I finally decided on one from the Sugar Paper line at Target. It's a bigger size than what I've gotten in the past, but I like it already!

We also had our traditional b-day dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (sign up for their e-mails and you get a free snack size wings for your b-day!) and saw the movie "Fury," which we both thought was a very good movie. 


We went to church on Saturday so we could sleep in a little. As you can see, our pets didn't enjoy this at all...

I spent some time importing dates and information in my new calendar (seriously, I get so excited by this!)

We plaid some Lego video games (don't judge...)

Hubby gave me one of my gifts early so I could wear it. A blardigan! You guys, this is the softest sweater I've ever had! I predict many days and nights wearing this thing :)

A birthday dinner at my in-laws rounded out my weekend. As always, it didn't feel near as long enough, but at least there is only 2.5 more weeks until Christmas! What fun things did you do this weekend?


  1. Happy Birthday Maria!!!!! I like your new planner, I still need to go shopping for mine- thanks for the reminder. I hope your day and week is special hun! By the way, you will be one of my featured bloggers on "Bloggers Who have Inspired Me" tomorrow, I enjoyed your insta outfits post. Rachel xo

  2. This seriously sounds like such a great weekend! ! Sleeping in, good food, and an early Christmas present? ? So much good :) I'm the same way when it comes to planners. I like to actually write things down and see them in my handwriting all at a glance. The one you choose looks gorgeous! And I'm drooling over your new cardigan...

    1. I'm loving my planner so far! I'm excited for the year to start so I can use it all the time :)

  3. Happy belated birthday Maria. You seriously got a lot done in a few days. I have heard great things about the Blardigan so wear it in good health! I love writing things down too and that pretty planner is awesome. I will tell my mom to purchase one for me like that. Also, love that you have a Secret Instagram Santa. What a neat idea. Looks like she is getting some great things from you. =)

    1. Thanks Ada! I've definitely been getting some good use out of the blardigan! It's so soft and cozy :)

  4. Happy, happy belated birthday, Maria!! Your weekend sounds amazing :) I love your gift from your husband too - it looks super cozy!!

    1. Thanks Brynn! :) It is super cozy! Definitely my most favorite piece of clothing right now!