Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Happenings/Christmas Countdown #2

Hello friends! I hope you all had a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! I definitely did! Not quite ready to come back to work today. Oh well. Only a few weeks until Christmas! 

Thursday we watched the Parade as I made some desserts for the day. (hopefully recipes to come tomorrow!) We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house with two of my younger siblings (my other brother is a manager at a Coach in Chicago and wasn't able to make it home). We definitely stuffed ourselves with lots of good food! My parents' dog, Princess, also wanted some munchies: 

Friday we got up somewhat early and hit some stores starting about 6:00 am. I've found out that is the perfect time to go to Target- it's basically dead at that hour! We hit Target first, then went to World Market. The first 100 people in the store at 7:00 am got a free Downton Abbey tea cup! So hubby stood in line with me :) We actually only got there 10 minutes early and there weren't that many people in line yet. We got some other good deals on gifts too. We also hit up Macy's, Kohls, Home Depot, Walmart, and Joe's Sporting Goods. We didn't get any sensational deals, but found a bunch of movies for really good prices. I got a new pair of slippers too :)

We were done about 10:00 am with shopping and since we were up so early, we were starving for lunch :) After lunch, we decided to see "Catching Fire." We were going to see it this coming weekend for my birthday, but I didn't want to wait. We saw it about noon- the theater filled up pretty quickly, but after the movie let out, the whole lobby was was insanely crowded! So I guess we went at a good time.

Nothing else exciting happened over the weekend. Did some work around the house, watched some of our new movies we got (Back to the Future trilogy for $13!!). We did set up our Christmas tree and I did some more decorating around the house which I will show you pictures of eventually. 


Well, on to day 2 of my Christmas Countdown! 

I LOVE Christmas music! Hubby got annoyed because I started playing it in October :) I can't help it! Some of my favorite holiday music comes from the band, Trans Siberian Orchestra. They are basically rock meets Christmas. I saw them live a few years in a row 7-8 years ago now, but their shows are amazing and they got better every year! Light show, fireworks, fire! Crazy cool! Here are two of my favorites of theirs, (and probably two of the more popular) Wizards in Winter and Christmas Eve/Sarajevo. Enjoy!

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo:

Wizards in Winter:

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