Friday, December 13, 2013

Thrifted/Dollar Store Centerpiece (Day #13)

We are having hubby's mom's side of the family over for a get-together tonight and I wanted to do something festive for our kitchen table. Better yet, most of these items I used are either from the thrift store or the dollar store! Score!

The table runner was made for us as a wedding present, the candle holder was part of a Christmas basket we won at a Church silent auction, the two vases we got for our wedding (probably $1 each), the ornaments came from the dollar store ($1 for each tube of ornaments), the garland came from the dollar store ($1), the ribbon came from the dollar store ($1), and the little reindeer ornaments were $1 for a pack of 5! So a whole centerpiece for under $10! Can't get much better than that :)

IHeart Hands On


  1. Those little reindeer are gorgeous! I love it when we can make our homes look great for a great price. Well done! Thanks for sharing at Show Off Fridays!

    Jenn @ IHeartHandsOn