Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chambray and White

I went to Target over the weekend to get a birthday card for my brother and a couple pieces of clothing jumped into my hands. I have no idea how it happened, but they convinced me to take them home with them. Of course I couldn't say no, so now I have two new bottoms in my wardrobe. 

One of them is this pair of white capris. I've had my eye out for white pants/capris for awhile, but most of what I've tried on are way too thin and clingy. I like these because they have a bit of a stretch, but aren't a second pair of skin. They are slightly see-through (which I suppose most white pants are), but nothing a pair of nude underwear can't remedy.    

Chambray: Old Navy
Capris: Denizen from Target
Sandals: hand-me-down
Necklace: Gift

I wore this outfit over the weekend on Mother's Day. We had my family over for a grill-out, and major score for not spilling anything on them! The weather was pretty warm in the earlier part of the day, but by the evening it got to be quite cool, so the longer sleeves of the chambray helped.

I think I'd still like to find a pair of white pants, but for now the capris will work :) Now if only it would finally stay warmer here longer than half a day we'd be set!


  1. This is a lovely casual look Maria, I am glad you scored some white capris that you can wear hopefully for many more years to come. Rachel xo btw thanks for your sweet comment.

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one this happens too when going into Target! lol This was the perfect look for a family cookout! You've inspired me to look for some white bottoms! Have a wonderful day!