Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Closet Inventory

I've been seeing a lot of bloggers do closet inventory posts lately, and I was curious as to what my closet is comprised of, so I did my own inventory over the weekend. This list doesn't include things such as workout wear, pj's, sweatshirts, those t-shirts you get from school, or flip flops. Here are my results:

    Dress-long: 7
    Dress-capri: 4
    Casual-capri: 4
    Jeans: 6
    Shorts: 5
    Maxi skirts: 5
    Shorter skirts: 8 
    Total= 39

    Maxi: 3
    Shorter: 17
    Total= 20

    'Nice' tanks: 7
    Basic tanks: 17
    Short-sleeve: 40
    3/4 or longsleeve: 27
    Sweaters: 10
    Cardigans: 21
    Jackets: 7
    Total= 129

    Boots: 7
    Heels/wedges: 14
    Flats: 8
    Sandals: 9
    Total= 38

Total of all items= 226

I don't know what I was really expecting when I got all my numbers. I recently did a major closet clean-out, so I knew I didn't have a very high number. It is interesting to see it all on the page, though. 129 tops and only 39 bottoms? I think if anything, it helps me see where I should focus my buying on, if I decide to add pieces to my closet. I've never bought a ton of pants/shorts/capris/etc, mostly because I always had the most trouble finding pieces that fit well. I only got into wearing shorts in the last couple years! I also just made a purchase from thred-up, so a few more tops may be added to this collection... 

Have you done a closet inventory before? Were you surprised by the results?


  1. I know what you mean, I need more bottoms myself as shirts just keep coming in. Haha! Girl you have a lot. Rachel xo

  2. I think it makes sense to have more tops than bottoms. I think you can wear bottoms more frequently without friends and co-workers being like "uh, didn't you wear that skirt last week??" but tops are more noticeable.

  3. I applaud you and other bloggers who have done this. I'd never be able to do it because I own way too much stuff (over 100 dresses alone). Plus I have a closet in Europe and a much larger one in US since I move between both places. I did get rid of 50 things last month though. Yes you do have a good amount of tops. I'd say add a few pairs of Shorts, some Pencil Skirts, a couple more pairs of Dressy Pants and Jeans and some Dresses and you are good to go. Those are my suggestions, anyways. =) You have more Maxi Skirts than me though. LOL I only got a couple of them here in Europe. Maybe 1 or 2 in US.

    Looking forward to seeing your new stuff from Thred-Up.