Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Snapshots from Labor Day Weekend

Hello readers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend (3-day one for us in the States!) Instead of having an outfit post today, I thought I'd share with you some pictures I took over the weekend! I'm so bad at taking pictures of life in general, so hubby had to keep reminding me to take them :) 


1. I always love my morning cup of coffee to start off the weekend!
2. Puppy snuggles :)

Sunday: MN State Fair!

3. Our breakfast was fried pickles. I guess I was too hungry to take a picture of it when I got them :)
2. Mini donuts are a necessity
3. Spring Rolls
4. Twist cone- I get one every year!

5. Mocha/raspberry frappe- mid day pick me up!
6. Cheese curds- yum!
7. French fries
8. Pierogies- a new food this year. Very good, but not worth $7.25

9. Visiting the animal barns- goats
10. Silkie chickens!
11. This chicken had a crazy hair-do
12. Baby pigs at the miracle of birth center!

13. Some MN natives
14. More food...
15. Butter sculptures!
16. The new entrance

17. Sights while taking a rest
18. We love going on the Sunday before Labor Day for the free talent show!
19. Unfortunately, some heavy rain moved in so we left early to beat it- we made it out just in time!


20. I started off the day doing some baking
21. Mixed berry pancake with real maple syrup!
22. Yum :)
23. Sipping on green tea

In other exciting news, we have a tech coming out to install internet at our house! Finally joining the outside world after 2.5 years living there :) I'm hoping everything goes okay so then I can finally start blogging from home! Yay!


  1. Yum to the deep fried pickles! Looks like you had a fun weekend! Those butter sculptures look cool!


    1. Fried pickles are definitely my favorites! Haha the butter sculptures are definitely uniquely Minnesotan! It's crazy to watch them being carved- basically in a huge spinning refrigerator!

  2. Wait -- how did you survive no internet for 2.5 years....you are my shero!!!! Looks like you had a great weekend. I haven't been to a fair in ages, but I have been missing out I see.

    Thrifting Diva

    1. Haha I have no idea how we lasted so long! Definitely been binging on netflix the past day though :)

  3. I haven't had fried pickles in a long time. Glad you had a great week. I give you a lot of credit for not have the internet at your house.

    1. It was hard, but I guess it got us doing other stuff. Now will probably consist of binge watching shows on Netflix :)

  4. All those food pics are making me so hungry!! I should probably go eat lunch now, haha. It looks like you had an awesome weekend!

    1. Haha I know, I can't look at them without getting hungry again!

  5. Hey :)
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it ❤ Pls let me know in a comment on my blog
    kisses, Anna ♥

  6. This looks like a great weekend, yay for internet too.

    1. It's so nice to be able to see things on an actual computer now instead of just a small phone screen :)

  7. Wow! So much yummy food! I just had dinner and I'm hungry again!

    1. I know! Every time I look at these pictures I get hungry again too :)

  8. I haven't been to the state fair in 8 years. I'm going through serious withdrawal. We're literally planning a dedicated trip for next year lol

    1. You should! Remember when we used to go together on Labor Day with our families? Good times :)

  9. It looks like the perfect Labor Day weekend with lots of great food. I am really hungry now, Maria. =))