Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Currently~ February

Hello, again blog friends! Can you believe it's February already? Although, honestly, I can't believe it's 2017 already, haha :) I thought it would be fun to link up with Anne and share what's going on lately!


I'm so embarrassed, I made a list of all the shows I'm (or hubby and I are) watching or have started between Netflix and Amazon Prime and I came up with a list of 14 different shows!! Yikes... but I'm sure you understand different shows fit with different moods. 

I have shows I can have on in the background and don't really have to pay my full attention to:

Haha don't laugh! I find his voice to be very relaxing- I put it on if I want to de-stress

I love watching cooking shows but I'm very sad of the lack of them on Netflix and Amazon!

Funny, half-hour comedies:

My hubby watched the whole series a few years ago and I finally got around to it too. I've binged most of it within the past few months and am on the final season. So funny!

Hubby and I always have a comedy series going. I've watched many episodes of Frasier at one point or another, but it's been fun watching it from the beginning!

To more 'serious' fair:

The Crown
I've been a little slow in watching this show, but it's so good!

Hubby and I love a good SiFi (that most, unfortunately, get cancelled after a season or two...) and this one has proven good so far! 

Hubby and I also really like "Lord of the Rings" and this show has the same, mythical-like feel to it.


I used to read a ton, but lately I struggle to just get through a book! I don't know what it is! Although over the weekend during afternoon nap time, hubby and I both sat on the couch and read. It felt so good! Here are a few I've read lately/are reading now:

I, and I'm sure many of you out there too, are obsessed with all things Chip and Joanna Gaines! I was super excited to hear they had a book coming out (and may have pre-ordered it on Amazon MONTHS before it came out...). It did not disappoint! I loved reading about how they got to where they are today. Definitely a story that shows God's timing is always perfect!

If you love Gilmore Girls, you will love this book! Lauren Graham talks about her journey to break into acting and shares some fun, behind-the-scenes looks at her beloved show!

I just started this book over the weekend, but it's a very good read so far! 


Monthly meal planning!

Hubby and I are really trying to crack down on our finances, particularly so we can pay off our car ASAP! One way we are cutting back on spending is to re-evaluate our food budget and try to get better at how much we spend at the grocery store each month. I've tried monthly meal planning a couple times before, and wasn't extremely successful in the past, but I'm coming into February with renewed excitement and vigor to make it work! I might do a separate post on this, but basically I first made a list of food/meals we need to use in our pantry and freezer, made a list of other meals I wanted to make or things that were on sale in the weekly ads, and filled in the month based on our schedule. I'm planning on doing the bulk of our shopping this weekend at 4 different stores, plus doing smaller trips each week for things like fresh produce, bread, milk, etc. I will update you later this month on whether or not this was a successful venture! Also, let me know if a post on monthly meal planning is something you'd be interested in reading. I know for me, those are some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube ;)


Hubby and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this spring (!!!!!) and right around that time, Wicked is coming to the Twin Cities for a 5-week run! I last saw the show probably 10-11 years ago (when I was mildly obsessed with listing to the soundtrack on repeat...), so I'm super excited to see it with hubby and see it with fresh [older...] eyes :)

I am also anticipating an almost week-long stay with friends in Door County over the 4th of July. It's definitely one of my favorite places in the midwest :)

How about you, bloggy friends, what are some of your currentlies for February?

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  1. I love Broadway musicals but haven't seen Wicked yet. Have fun and Happy Anniversary! Meal planning is a necessity around my house. I make a weekly meal plan though and post it each week after I've made it so there's pictures and reviews. Good for you for doing a monthly one. I read The Curious Incident....many years ago but really liked it. And yes, to how many different shows we're watching! There's my shows, my husband's shows and the shows we watch together (and then forget about all the kids' shows!).

  2. Good for you on the monthly meal planning! I need to get better with streamlining that process. And going to a musical is such a fun anniversary treat! I should look into what's near us, given that seeing a musical was our very first date way back in high school :) Thanks for joining in this month!

  3. I am having a hard time getting through my books too, I tend to just start one, love it, and then pick up another one! Ha! I LOVE reading so I don't know what's gotten into me?! Also, Parks & Rec is awesome! :) visiting from the link-up today!

  4. We are loving The Crown! I read Lauren's book last month too. It was fun reading background on Gilmore Girls.

  5. I've seen Wicked once and LOVED it!!! We lived in Chanhassen for 3 winters...LOL. I really miss some of the restaurants there...Lion's Tap (only place I'll eat a burger, and extra crispy yummy!) Tavern on France and Maynard's top the list.

  6. I am loving the show Crown! It really speaks to my inner history nerd haha! Meal planning is such a great way to cut down on food spending and to keep track of what you eat! I am a huge proponent! If you ever need any ideas or anything I actually help people meal plan as part of my job :)

  7. I've wanted to read Lauren Graham's book! I LOVED Chip & Joanna's!!

  8. I so need to get better at food planning.

  9. Wow, on the shows! I hope you get through all of them. :) Glad you're back on blogging! Hope it's going well.

  10. I want to try The Crown but I think I'm in more of a Bob Ross mood!!! :)

  11. My husband and I watch Bob Ross all the time. It's the perfect show to watch before bedtime. So relaxing. :) Parks and Rec is also one of my favs. Jealous you're getting to see Wicked! It's definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for linking up!

  12. I've only ever watched re-runs of Frasier. I think it would be fun to watch from the beginning. I really need to get Lauren Graham's memoir! Everyone seems to love it, and I've been wanting it for a LONG time. Glad you are enjoying Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I really loved it and I think the play would be great too. Have fun at Wicked! I'd love to see it again, though I have seen it twice. :)


  13. Bob Ross is great! I agree, his show is so relaxing sometimes, haha. The Magnolia Story is on my list of books to read too. I've heard such good things about it!

  14. Welcome back Maria, so glad to see you blogging a little. I love your mom outfits on Instagram and photos of your son - he is already one, WOW!

    My Netflix list is huge, I just started watching The Crown. It goes a little slow in the beginning but I will get into it. I also extremely recommend Scandal, Wentworth, The Fall and Prison Break. All serious shows but all phenomenal.

    I hope to see more posts for you and as a matter of fact I will e-mail you soon about something, too.