Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Spending

I'm linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers to talk about what I spent during April. April was a lot better than March for sure! I only got two clothing items and some fun jewelry.

1. Pink/coral top (Target): $12.58
2. Blue cardigan (Old Navy): $12.96
3. Teal necklace (Edith Marie): $11.99 (including shipping)
4. 2 sets of bracelets (Target): $15 for both
5. Pink necklace (Edith Marie): $9.14 (including shipping)
6. Turquoise V necklace (Edith Marie): $4.04 (including shipping)

Total= $65.71- $20.37 (gift card) = $45.34

Not bad for 6 items! I got a few things on my wish list, including a colorful cardigan, some statement necklaces, and some bracelets. My goal to find for next month are some white pants! I've been seeing some cute ones out there lately, but all I've found have been too tight or too see-through. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good brand?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Analogous Colors

I tried this cardigan over my teal top the other day and loved how it looked together! Not something I normally would have put together, but it worked well! Come to find out why, I was looking through a magazine and they had an article about the color wheel, explaining what colors go together. Blue and teal are analogous colors, meaning they are right next to each other on the color wheel, and so they go together! I think I need to start looking at the color wheel more when I'm not quite sure what to wear.

 Skirt: Express
Shirt: Target
Cardigan: Old Navy
Scarf: Amazon
Shoes: Gap Outlet
Earrings and Bracelets: Target

While I love the colors in this outfit, what I don't love are my tired eyes (stop taking pictures at night!), the angle of my foot (kinda looks like it's broken?), and how my scarf looks like it's choking me. *sigh* Maybe when the weather gets better I can actually take pictures outside!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Monochromatic Blues

*Note to self: take outfit pictures before 9:00 at night so I don't look like I'm ready to fall over*

I hope everyone had a good weekend! We had a lot going on: dinner with friends, groceries, working out, cleaning, bonfire, movies, pizza, our friends had their first baby (!), lots of rain... and it looks like it's going to rain every day this week. But at least it's not snow, so I have that to be thankful for!

Here is one of my outfits from this weekend. Pre-blog, I've always worn this skirt the same way, with a maroon tank to match the maroon in the skirt. But I decided to step outside the box and pair it with a chambray. Not what I'd have done in the past, but I like the way it turned out.

Skirt: Old Navy
Chambray: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: Edith Marie
Bracelets, Earrings: Target

This outfit could also pretty much be a sponsored post from Old Navy...

Here's a close-up of my new necklace from Edith Marie! I ordered a couple necklaces from them last week, and I love them! They have such good deals on their jewelry, I think I see a good friendship forming :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Windsor Collection from Brilliant Earth

I was contacted by a member of Brilliant Earth's team to write a post featuring the launch of their new design collection. Honestly, I'd never heard of them before, but looking at their website I saw that they create the most beautiful engagement rings, wedding rings, and other jewelry!

Not only do they create these wonderful pieces, but the process they use in creating them is pretty cool too. They adhere to strict labor and environmental standards and are dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing. So you can feel good about wearing pieces which were made conflict free! They also only use recycled gold and platinum in their jewelry and donate 5% of their profits to directly benefit communities harmed by the jewelry industry. That is pretty amazing!  

Their new collection is called the Windsor Collection and it launches today! It features engagement rings, wedding rings, and other fine jewelry inspired by the optimism of the post-war years in Hollywood's Golden Age with bold design, feminine curves, and lavish use of diamonds.

When I heard the inspiration for this collection, I knew I'd have fun creating a styleboard for their pieces! I immediately thought of 1950's Hollywood glamor- Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn; full skirt, small waist, heels, etc.  

Dress: Eshakti
Shoes: Nine West
Clutch: La Regale
Earrings and Necklace: Brilliant Earth

I love that this look has the 1950's vintage feel while at the same time being completely modern! Great for a wedding or other formal event! So make sure to check out Brilliant Earth's new Windsor line and find some inspiration of your own! 

I was not compensated in any way for this post. These opinions are my own. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The post where my hair is missing

I've decided ponytails don't photograph well, unless you turn your head to the side, have it really high, or have bangs. If you don't have/do any of these things, it looks like you have a pixi or shaved off all your hair. End of rant.

This was one of those grab-and-go outfits from a couple weeks ago. I didn't have time to mull over my decision, so I picked my go-to outfit staples: pants, shirt, cardigan. Fancied it up with some coral-colored jewelry and called it a day. 

Pants: The Limited
Shirt: New York and Co.
Sweater: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Gift

There's my hair!

Linking up: What I Wore to Work, Tres-chic Fashion Thursday 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I Wore on Easter

 A couple days late, but this is what I wore on Easter. I bought this dress from Danielle over at Goodwillista over the winter and I wanted to wait for nicer weather to wear it. Easter was perfect- it was low to mid 70's and sunny all day, and we spent most of the day outside! 

 Dress: Shop my closet
Cardigan: Old Navy
Sandals: Target
Bracelet: American Eagle
Earrings: Gift

I know this cardigan isn't the same blue as the shades in this dress, but I still like the brightness and I think it goes with the general color-scheme of the dress.

I also apologize for not being able to get a good picture where my cardigan wasn't weirdly hanging on my boobs...

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

White Blazer Remix

Well, I'm back to the grind after a long weekend! The weather has been SO NICE here in MN and we definitely enjoyed it this weekend! My skin even got a little bit of pink, but honestly I don't mind after the winter we've had :)

Today, I'm linking up again with Danielle and Nicole for their monthly Many Days, Many Ways link up. Since the last link-up, I got my white blazer and have been wearing the heck of it ever since! So I knew that would be a perfect choice for this month.

A white blazer really is a perfect staple for your Spring/Summer closet. I feel like it's a little more structured than a white cardigan and it goes with everything! It keeps you warm during those transitional weather days and the white color brings a brightness into your outfits, keeping you perfectly dressed for Spring! Here's how I've styled it just this past month:

I think my favorite outfit of these five would be #2 with the chambray. Although they do work with the maxi's, I just like the look of the blazer with pants better. Maybe it's just the way my face looks in those pictures, haha. I look very tired in some of those. 

Speaking of tired, I went to a specialist for my migraines/jaw clenching and I have to give up coffee! I'm not looking forward to that at all, but at least it's a gradual process over a couple weeks instead of cold turkey. He did say I'll all of a sudden wake up more refreshed and have better night's sleep. Has anyone given up all caffeine before and if so, is this true? Do you sleep better and feel more refreshed? 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Years

Two years ago today, we walked down the aisle and said "I do." We have had many adventures since, with many more to come! I can't wait to see where the years take us and I'm excited to experience it all with my best friend! Happy Anniversary babe!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blue and Leopard: Take 2

Last week, you may remember I did a pinspiration post with my blue blazer and leopard scarf. Well, here is another take on that. I knew I'd like to pair my leopard blouse with my blazer, and got some loose inspiration from these pins:

Décontracté avec style.  digging this blazer and other hipster linens from

Blue Blazer & Animal Print!

And here is my take on it:

Blouse: Target
Blazer: Clothes Mentor
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Target
Earrings: The Limited

I really do love how this outfit came together! I still get nervous wearing so much animal print in one place, and putting a blazer over it helps to break up the pattern a bit. I think all I need to find now to make the outfit complete is a gold, chunky necklace and some gold bracelets! 

Also, if you look carefully, I coordinated my nail color with my blazer :) I'm pretty awesome like that.

The Modern Austen

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mint and White

Last week, I picked all my outfits out the Saturday before. I don't know if I wasn't feeling all my outfits or the weather was different than some I picked out, but I ended up choosing this outfit the morning I wore it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Pretty simple, but I think the blazer gives it that put-together feel. (Are you guys sick of this blazer yet?) 

Pants: The Limited
Blazer: Goodwill
Top: The Limited
Shoes: Hand-me-down
Jewelry: Gifts

I love the color of mint for Spring, and I love how the coral jewelry goes with the mint! I didn't get a close-up of it, but my necklace is a scrabble tile with part of a musical staff attached to it. So fun!

The Modern Austen

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making a bland outfit pop

I wore this outfit over the weekend. I wasn't feeling very creative in my outfit pics that day, but I didn't want to look just okay. So I took out my statement necklace from Edith Marie and gave a pop to this outfit!

  Jeans: Gap
Sweater: Old Navy
Shirt: Gap
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: Edith Marie

It was also pretty cold this day. Probably even boots weather. But I'm determined to not wear boots or winter coats again until next winter!

Excuse the tired eyes. I guess I have to take outfit pictures earlier than 8:30 at night.

How do you give fun pops to otherwise bland outfits?

literate & stylish

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Wear

Well, another weekend has flown by! This time, I'm okay with it being Monday because it's Holy Week, Easter is on Sunday, and our wedding anniversary is next Monday! 

I don't know why, but the services during Holy Week have always been my favorites to attend. Maybe because the weather is finally warmer, maybe because they are slightly different than normal Sunday liturgies, maybe because it's in preparation for probably the most important day in the Christian faith, I don't know. I just like how these services are specifically focused on the Last Supper, Passion and Death, and Resurrection of Jesus; they help us to bring to focus what our faith and religion is based on.

Anyway, on to what I wore over the weekend. Having this blog has really helped me be mindful of what I wear. Instead of just a t-shirt and jeans, now I add a blazer and necklace like I did here:

Jeans: The Limited
Blazer: Clothes Mentor
Shirt: Target
Necklace: Target
Toms: Gift from hubby :)

I really like this new to me blazer I got from Clothes Mentor a couple weeks ago (originally from Target), but I'm struggling to figure out what to pair with it besides a neutral color. So I decided to step out of the box and put it with a teal shirt. I like how it looks, but I'm really not sure. What do you guys think?

I also didn't realize until I saw these pictures how much my Toms match the color of my jeans. Oh well.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Turquoise and Coral

 I got this dress online from Target last Spring for Easter, I think. It's such a fun color, but I feel like the weather needs to warrant wearing such a color. This week has been just the thing!

Cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: Target
 Necklace: Edith Marie

My poor shoes. I love them so much but notice how the 'fur' is rubbing off on one toe? Kinda stinks. They've still got so much wear left in them, so I'm trying to figure out what to do. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

But anyway, this necklace! I found out about this company, Edith Marie Jewelry, when Ginny did a giveaway for them last week. I immediately checked their site out, and found so many cute pieces of jewelry for a fraction of what other places charge! Definitely check it out! Mine is "Bold and Beautiful" in teal

Also (if you've actually read this far!), I've decided to get rid of my Google plus profile and switch it back to Blogger. I really didn't use Google plus much, and I feel like most of my followers were those "I'll follow you if you'll follow me, but I won't actually read your blog" people. If you were following me on Google plus and still want to stay connected, check out all the ways to follow me on the right! I'm on Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or just my e-mail! 

"Take a picture of just my necklace"