Thursday, April 24, 2014

The post where my hair is missing

I've decided ponytails don't photograph well, unless you turn your head to the side, have it really high, or have bangs. If you don't have/do any of these things, it looks like you have a pixi or shaved off all your hair. End of rant.

This was one of those grab-and-go outfits from a couple weeks ago. I didn't have time to mull over my decision, so I picked my go-to outfit staples: pants, shirt, cardigan. Fancied it up with some coral-colored jewelry and called it a day. 

Pants: The Limited
Shirt: New York and Co.
Sweater: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Gift

There's my hair!

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  1. All of your pants fit you really well, and I love that you're not always wearing skinny style. I've realized that I like breaking up the day-to-day skinny wearing grind by throwing in some flare/wide leg pants. Purple and coral are a good combination that I hadn't considered and now I am. Also, hair really can be tricky during photographs! Of course, I've got like ONE up do that doesn't give me a headache at the end of the day, and I'm often too lazy for that, haha.

    1. I used to wear my hair up all the time, but now it's just down and straight! Kind of boring. I definitely need to experiment with different styles/up do's. I actually don't own any skinny dress pants! All like this with a little flair/wider leg. These black ones, especially, are super comfy so they come out at least twice a week :)

  2. I know this feeling! I don't like being photographed when my hair is on a pony tail coz you can't see my hair, and I look like a guy! Are those pointy shoes I'm seeing?

    1. They are pointy! That's the one thing about these pants I don't like, that you can never see what shoes I'm wearing!

  3. But ponytails are so comfy! You look great regardless..... :) Thanks so much for sharing your talent!!
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique