Monday, July 7, 2014

What I packed for a weekend getaway

You guys, I'm the worst packer ever! When I was a kid, I used to be so excited about trips that me and my brother would pack our carry-on/toy bags at least a week ahead of time. Now I tend to be a last-minute packer (sorry hubby!). I do make a list, but I can be so indecisive, like to pack things 'just in case', and don't like things to get too wrinkled by sitting in my suitcase for a week. So the night before it is :) At least I make lists of what I need to bring, so I'm partly organized.

This past weekend we went to Door County to visit with some family friends of hubby's family. Since it was just a weekend trip, I wanted to try planning ahead with outfits and packing minimally. Here is what I came up with! (oh, and I pre-wrote this post on Thursday before we left, so we will see if I even wear what I'm posting now, or end up bringing more things!)

  • 3 pairs of shoes (I decided to add 1 later): 1 flat sandals, 1 wedge sandals, 1 Toms
  • 2 bottoms: 1 skinny jeans, 1 white capris
  • 1 dress (I substituted my maxi skirt for a maxi dress I just bought)
  • 4 tops: 1 tank (I took one out from the picture), 1 chambray, 2 tees
  • 1 cardigan
  • 2 necklaces
  • 1 fedora
It was hard trying to figure out what to bring. The weather reports I saw earlier this week had highs in the upper 60's/low 70's, but now I see that it's upped to the mid 70's. But the cottage we are (did) staying at is right on Lake Michigan, so much cooler than when we go inland. So bringing layering pieces was a must. 

Now obviously I didn't wear all of these outfits this weekend, but it's just fun to put together all possible combinations to show that you can create so many outfits from just a few pieces, which will come in handy when we take a longer trip! Hopefully I will have taken pictures of what I actually wore so I can do a post on that too.

So are you as bad as me when it comes to packing? Did everyone have a good 4th of July weekend?


  1. You know, for only being a few hours away, I've never been to Door County! I have heard lots of good things though! And Lake Michigan has really been messing our summer weather up here, too. Apparently the lake is much colder than it should be (because of the really cold winter) so it's making our weather much cooler. Love all the options you made! I think you packed the perfect amount!

  2. I think you did a great job packing! At least you thought through everything. i went out of town this past weekend and I wish I would have brought completely different items. I hate when that happens because it takes me forever to get dressed every morning. If I could figure out a way to just take my whole closet every time, I'd be good :)

  3. OK I think 14 items including shoes+accessories is legit for a weekend. And look at how many outfits you were able to create with them all. You definitely picked very versatile pieces.

    And I am familiar with lake Michigan since I loved in MI half of my life. It does get chilly there even in the Summer.