Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Before I start my post, I want to wish everyone a happy Veterens Day and thank everyone who has served or is serving our country!

Happy Monday everyone... I'm pretty sure the weekends are getting shorter and shorter. At least we only have 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and I have 4 days off! 

Saturday started off waking up bright and early at 6:30 am. Friday we took Zoe and Sadie in for vet appointments. Long story short, Zoe needed to get a urine sample taken. They weren't able to get it then, so I had to take her in Saturday morning to try to get it done. Thankfully they were able to get a sample! (I was not aware of the procedure to get a urine sample from a dog. Needless to say it was an eye opener)

After the appointment, I went grocery shopping. Usually I go around noon, but went around 9:30- it was nice how empty the stores were! When I got home, I did some chores around the house and painted my nails some time in there: 

(I tried out the glitter ombre effect and I'm very happy with how they turned out! Let me tell you, I am AWFUL at doing my nails, but I've been seeing such cute designs out in the blogisphere that I really want to get better at it. Sorry for the crappy picture too, but you can kind of get the idea.)

You know in the 3rd Harry Potter movie, there is a scene change where the Whomping Willow shakes and all it's leaves fall off? That's pretty much what our tree in the front did this last week. Our whole front yard and driveway were covered! So we (mostly hubby) raked up the leaves and brought them to the compost site in town. 

I didn't feel like cooking for dinner, so made pizza instead. I wasn't feeling very well part of the day, so eating pizza was probably not a very smart idea. (That, and I ate way too much... but who doesn't when you eat pizza? :) ) So I was pretty much in a sick food coma for the rest of the evening. I fell asleep while we were watching TV, so just decided to go to bed at 8:45. (grandma)

So of course, I was up really early on Sunday, haha. I had my coffee and blogged a bit. We went to church and had a pretty relaxing afternoon. We found a dog show on TV and Zoe would hear them bark and go over and watch for a bit! It was pretty funny:

Hubs also decided to hang some of the Christmas lights since it wasn't too cold yet and could still feel his fingers :) Our home is a bit confused on the seasons apparently- Halloween pumpkins, fall wreath, Christmas lights...

For dinner I made a delicious dinner of loaded mac & cheese (recipe to come tomorrow!) We watched the Amazing Race (does anyone else want to punch Marie in the throat??) Did a little reading then headed to bed to start another work week.

(Someone had a rough weekend...)

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