Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend update

Another weekend come and gone! I really feel like they've been going especially fast lately; does anyone else get that feeling? We had a full but fun weekend. 

We recently decided that we want to keep Sunday's free for church and what we want to do- just have a nice, relaxing day before the work week. So that meant we needed to get all our chores done on Saturday. (We are actually implementing a weekly chore list this week and each day we will do a few things so our weekends will be less hectic.) We each worked on our own to-do lists for most of the day and came together to eat dinner and watch Boy Meets World (we have been renting the series from Netflix and are almost done! Hubby loves it as much as I do :) )

Despite the colder weather, we bundled up and had my sister-in-law over for a backyard fire; probably the last of the year.

Sunday we went to church, then did some errands to Duluth Trading Co., Kirkland's, and Staples. I got this delicious smelling candle at Kirklands:

It is warm vanilla and it is seriously the best smelling candle!! Staples has a sale this week buy 2 get one free washi tape- I had to get a few to add to my collection :) They also had a 40% off coupon for the Martha Stewart Office line this week. After seeing a couple bloggers do this, I decided to ditch my traditional planner for next year and make my own using a smaller binder from this collection. This way I can have everything I need in one place and reuse it year after year! I bought the binder and some accessories a couple months ago, but have been waiting for the 2014 calendar insert to come out, which it did!! I spent the afternoon putting my planner/binder together. It's the simple things :) 

Because of the time change Sunday morning, we both got up super early and couldn't fall back asleep, so a nap was in order yesterday afternoon. We then took Zoe on a walk, had dinner, watched the Amazing Race, read, and went to bed. A nice, relaxing Sunday!

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