Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Wreath

One of my projects over the weekend was making a fall wreath. I made a burlap wreath about a month ago, but hubs said it was kind of small above the mantle, so I hung that one outside the house and planned on making a larger one- which I finally got around to doing this weekend while watching a little Downton Abbey :) (is anyone else really looking forward to season 4 in January?)

I gathered some materials: a grapevine wreath I got from Michael's for under $5, and 2 different colors of hydrangeas (Jo-Ann's had all their fall stems on sale for 60% off this weekend!) 

I also needed a hot glue gun and a wire cutter to trim the stems.

I started by clipping the flower stems pretty short and fit them into the wreath to see how I wanted them arranged. I also clipped off some of the leaves and fit them in between the flowers.

I hung the wreath on the wall before I glued all the flowers down to make sure I liked the way it was arranged. Then I clipped the stems a little shorter so they wouldn't stick out of the back side of the wreath, glued them down, and added a ribbon to the top (which I'm honestly still not sure I like the ribbon- maybe if I would have used thicker ribbon?)

A nice festive fall touch to our living room! Has anyone else been making any fun fall crafts this season?

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