Monday, October 7, 2013

Tin Foil Dinners

I was in charge of a meal over the weekend and decided to do tin foil dinners. I've never done them before (although maybe back in my girl scout days?) I thought it would be simple and easy, perfect for camping! (and luckily the rain stopped long enough to make them on a fire!)

I just cut up some potatoes- regular and sweet- peppers, and kielbasa and assembled them with some different spices. I used onion and garlic powder and lowrys season salt- it turned out very good!

We wrapped them in two layers of tinfoil and placed them in a fire that's mostly embers. We cooked them for 10 minutes then flipped them for an additional 10.

That was just the perfect amount of time- some of it got a little scorched, but it's the best that way!

We had enough for leftovers for breakfast the next morning and that combination makes a delicious breakfast! Yum :)

(Also, please excuse if the layout tends to change- I'm still trying to figure out a design I like!)

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