Monday, October 14, 2013

My Weekend: Girls' Weekend Away

I had a very busy weekend! It started on Friday evening with a wedding. It was an outdoor wedding and there was a front coming in, but luckily the rain held off!

Saturday morning I got up early to drive down to La Crosse to have a girls' weekend with some of my college friends.

I was hoping the leaves would have changed more, but it was still pretty on the drive down.

I always forget how pretty it is down there! We walked down by the river and up on the bluffs Saturday afternoon and it was a perfect day!

Saturday evening, my friend Andrea and I participated in a 5k race to support the Boys and Girls' Club of LaCrosse. It was glow-in-the-dark themed and the path was lined with lanterns and torches. Over 1400 people participated! We ran a little bit and power-walked the rest of the way and had a lot of fun!

After the race we went to a really good appetizer/tapas restaurant which was really good. We tried apple cider sangrias which were good.

We were introduced to a show on Netflix called "Dance Academy." It is an Australian show about high-school aged students at a dance school. It's kind of cheesy at times, but it's one of those feel-good shows. If you have instant streaming, I recommend you check it out!

All in all it was a very good weekend! We only get together about once a year now, but it's always good to see each other!

I hope everyone else had a good weekend!

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