Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend: Apple Orchard and Crafting

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I had a very good one with lots going on. Ours started on Friday afternoon when Hubs and I went to an apple orchard. I may have gone to one before when I was in kindergarten or first grade, but this is the first time I actually remember going to one :) It was perfect weather, a little cool, but just right for all the walking around we did.

This was the biggest apple I've ever seen!!

They also had raspberry patches and we did some raspberry picking!

Saturday was busy with grocery shopping and running to JoAnn's for some crafty items I worked with this weekend. I've learned not to go there on a Saturday right before Halloween, though, as I waited for half an hour to get some fabric cut... We had pretty crumby weather on Saturday, so I got some housework done, made a fall wreath (post to come) and then we snuggled on the couch and watched TV and movies.

Sunday was more of the same weather. We went to church and to some hardware stores. Our shower head broke and we needed to find a new one. We had some credits to Menards and ended up finding a really nice one with 8 different settings! Very nice :) 

I spent part of yesterday making some pillow covers for our couch (which had pretty bland ones to begin with). I'm still learning how to sew and how to figure out my machine, so after some fighting and frustrations, I got 4 sewed yesterday. I have one more to do tonight, then I need to find some more fabric for 4 more. 

I also made a really delicious dinner, taco soup, found here at Snyders Tell All. It was very good! Definitely a repeat dinner. We watched The Amazing Race to wrap up our weekend. 

Did anyone else do anything fun to enjoy the fall weather? It was probably one of the last we will see here- I saw snowflakes this morning!

Oh, and we saw this painted on a garage as we were driving:

I mean, I love The Lion King- have since I've been younger- but not sure about a mural on your garage door... (sorry if you're really into this type of thing and I've offended you! Just let me know and I won't post this type of thing anymore!)

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