Friday, October 4, 2013

Getting to know you

I thought I would share some pictures with you to help you get to know who I am and what makes me tick!

My hubs and me on the fourth of July

Our first baby, Zoe. She just turned 2 and we got her about 8 months before we got married.

Our newest furry baby, Sadie. We recently adopted her and she is 6 years old. I will share that story with you sometime.

Here's one of my favorite pictures from or wedding day! We got married April 21, 2012 (does that still qualify us as newleyweds?) Maybe in the future I will post more pictures from that day


  1. cute pictures! I would say for the first two years you can still be "newlyweds" ;) hope all is well!

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    1. Thanks Taylor! :) I checked out your blog and I love it! You and your husband are very cute :)