Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Almost the weekend! I'm linking up again with Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina for the Five on Friday.


1. I FINALLY got the new iPhone 5s! I've pretty much been waiting to get this since the phone came out, but every time we went to the store they were sold out. So I just decided to wait until after the new year when they would have it back in stock. I am having problems downloading all the apps I had on my other phone, but at least I've upgraded from the stone age 4 :)

2. The Winter Olympics have started! I love watching any Olympic games :) I think I'm most excited for the figure skating- always fun to watch! We will see how they do with security for these games- hopefully no major issues happen.

3. Major high five- hubby's best friend came home this week after serving 6 months overseas!! His wife is pregnant and due in April so he gets to be with her for the last couple months of the pregnancy :) Thank you to him and everyone else who bravely serve our country!

4. Finally, after almost 2 weeks, my cold is almost gone :) They seriously last a long time with me... I did give it to hubby though :/ The joys of living in close proximity...

5. It's almost the weekend. Need I say more? :) 

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  1. the olympics are here, your friend is home and you're almost feeling better? sounds like a good week to me :)