Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

I feel like the weekends are just flying by! But hopefully that means the week will go by equally as fast :) I'm linking up with Jasam today to share my weekend highlights! 



After work, I did my weekly run to Target/CVS/Walgreens. I got some good deals, but not as good as the past couple weeks. We had dinner, then watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Did anyone else watch it, and if so, what did you think? I thought they put on a good performance- visually everything was very good.


I spent the morning with my cup of coffee, working on my coupon binder, watching the Live Well Network. [does anyone else love this network as much as me? :) ]

I did some grocery shopping, watched the Olympics, and did some crafting for hubby's Valentine's Day gift [possible pictures to follow, but only after V-Day because hubby reads this!]. Also, watched 'Upstairs, Downstairs' from Netflix (the newer series). I'm bummed it only lasted for two seasons!


We went to church in the morning, then came home and made brunch with blueberry pancakes with REAL maple syrup, turkey bacon, and eggs. Om nom nom!

After that, I ran to CVS- I had some coupons for my Aveeno BB cream that expired yesterday and luckily there was a good deal on Aveeno products! My price before coupons was almost $40, but I only spend $23 after coupons and rewards, plus got $10 in bucks back! Yay!

We watched more coverage of the Olympics, I made homemade herb-garlic bread in my bread maker, then rounded out my weekend with Downton.

Oh, maybe it's just a MN thing, but I was looking at the 10-day forecast and the last 3 days show temps in the mid-30's!!! I'm so excited!! Hopefully we are finally getting our warm up :)  


  1. sunday morning with blueberry pancakes? the only thing that could be better is the rising temperatures - i'm excited :)

    1. I know! I saw in the 10-day forecast a chance of rain?? Who knows if it will stay like that, but we can hope!!

  2. I am loving watching the Olympics right now too!!! Just found you. :)

  3. Girl, you are totally rocking that couponing! I'm glad it's finally getting warm where you are at!

    1. I am so ready for Spring! It's been cold way too long!