Thursday, February 27, 2014

Work Outfit Fail?

I had this outfit all planned out in my head for a couple days. I was going to be so awesome pattern mixing and wearing a fun skirt, and my black boots. But then I looked at the pictures and thought, are you sure this is the same outfit I was wearing all day?

I'm thinking maybe boots don't work with this skirt. I've worn it before with heals and it's looked fine, so maybe I should stick with that! (But I did find the skirt at Goodwill!)

Are the patterns in the skirt and scarf too equally small? I know you should mix a larger pattern with a smaller pattern, but I can't really decide if the pattern in the skirt is big or small. 

Blah. But that's why I do my blog! To try things out I may have not paired together before and learn from my experiences! I do love this scarf though. Which is why I've already worn it twice since I got it on Saturday!


  1. Maybe try tying the scarf different. It looks too long in the pictures. try making it an infinity and keep the two patterns apart from each other.

  2. Hi Maria. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think the skirt might be too long for boots. And I like the idea from comment above, infinity scarf would love better. I love that about blogging. A picture can tell you so much more than the mirror. And it's never a fail in my book. You get to try again tomorrow :)

  3. I've had moments like this too. I think switching he skirt for jeans would be good or I like the idea of changing to a solid infinity scarf too. It's all a learning process but such a bummer when you feel great then change your mind once you see the pictures :(