Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Mantle

Usually I only decorate our mantle for Christmas, but I saw this pin and was inspired to do some crafting!
Love Day

I got all my materials at JoAnn's- each letter was on sale for $1.99 and I got a big skein of yarn for about $2. Pretty good if you ask me! It took me a couple days to complete, but here's what the finished product looks like!

Instead of going with the ombre look, I decided to do all pink and have a pop with the white O. And, I already had white yarn, so less of an expense for me! Here is my entire mantle:

I decided to do white with pops of hot pink, since I already had the candles and the white Sentsy Owl. (don't judge, yes that's still my Christmas wreath- I'm calling it my winter wreath so it's okay that it's still up...right?) The little vases I found in the dollar section of Target. Cartwheel had 20% off everything in that section, so each vase came out to $0.80! The flowers I put in it were ones we used at our wedding; the frame was something we used at the wedding too- it was originally for cards, but I wrote Love in it instead. Reuse! I also took some ribbon I had and some white paper and made the little chain on the front of the fireplace. 

How do you like to decorate your home for the different holidays?


  1. looks lovely- i've been thinking about doing something similar with twine :)

    1. Twine would be fun too! I think I may be doing more of these types of projects in my future :)

  2. What a really cool idea! I don't have any decorations up for Valentine's Day, and don't worry about the wreath! I totally still have our Christmas wreath hanging outside the front door ahahaha I should probably take it down tomorrow!

    I spot an owl! Do you like owl things too?

    1. Haha I actually got the sentsy owl for a Christmas gift last year, but I have gotten a couple other owl things for my house- they are super cute!