Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Favorite Apps for Saving Money on Groceries

A long time ago, (in a galaxy far away...) I shared with you some of my favorite resources for saving money on grocery shopping. You can find that list here. Now that I've finally upgraded from an iPhone 4, I've downloaded quite a few apps to help me save money on groceries that I will share with you now! (I'm not getting compensated for any of my thoughts)

1. Target Cartwheel

(This is available online if you don't have a Smart Phone) I love this app! I could probably spend a whole post talking about this, so I'll give the condensed version. Cartwheel gives you a percentage off certain items. It's anywhere from 5% to 50% I've seen. You can either browse through their items and add them to your list, or you can scan the bar codes at the store and see if there is a discount on them in the app. You then have a master list of all your items- one bar code scan at checkout gives you all your discounts. 

What I also like about Cartwheel is that you can stack it along with a manufacture coupon and a Target coupon! Triple the savings = getting items for pennies or even free!

2. Checkout 51

(This works on the app and on their website too) This is a newer resource for saving money on groceries I just found out about recently. They have a list of items/offers on their site and you upload a picture of your receipt in order to redeem those offers. 

For example, they have an offer through Wednesday for $0.50 for any brand or variety of a dozen eggs. I got mine at Walgreens on Friday, so I snapped a picture of my receipt, and was rewarded with $0.50 in my account. Since it was my first transaction, I also got $2! When your account hits $20, you can redeem it for a check that is mailed to you. This is good at any store, so even at stores like Aldi which doesn't accept coupons, you can use this towards your purchases there. 

3. Ibotta

Ibotta is much like Checkout 51, where it rewards you with cash in your account for buying certain products. Unlike Checkout 51, you have to buy your products from certain stores and complete tasks to unlock the savings before you buy. But it does work for several national stores, and even movie theaters! [I think we might get a reward this week for going to see the Lego Movie :)] You can cash in your rewards for cash or even gift cards.

4. Saving Star

(Available online too) This links savings and rewards to your grocery loyalty cards. I have my CVS card and a local grocery store linked up, but there are several different store options. You link up different rewards to your card, then do your shopping. Once you've purchased certain items, you will get rewarded with money in your account. For example, I bought $15 worth of All products at CVS and got rewarded with $5 in my account. You can cash out your rewards for actual money or gift cards.

5. Store Apps (CVS and Walgreens)

I'm sure there are several stores out there that have apps for your phone, but I've downloaded CVS and Walgreens. I have loyalty cards for both of these, so that made sense to get these two. On the apps, you can browse the weekly ads, see your loyalty card information, including how much you've saved as a member, as well as adding coupons to your card.

I know there are many more apps out there, but these are a few of my favorites I've been using a lot the past couple weeks to save even more money on my groceries! Every little bit helps :) What are some of your favorite apps for saving money on shopping?

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  1. I recently started using Cartwheel and I really like it. I really need to try out some of the other apps you mentioned!