Friday, February 28, 2014

Home Organization Check-In: Month Two

Well, another month come and gone. If you recall, here is a list of all the projects I want to complete on my home this year and what I've done so far:

Master Bedroom

1. Purge through clothes and reorganize closet and drawers
2. Get new curtains for the room
3. Find duvet cover
4. Put colorful sheet on box spring
5. Find a tall mirror for the wall
6. Find small mirrors for either side of the bed
7. Hang more pictures/artwork on the wall
8. Clear out the clutter
9. Find basket next to bed for magazines
10. Reorganize nightstand


1. Paint
2. Organize under the sink, cupboard on the wall, and drawers
3. Get new hardware for the sink and tub


1. Hang pictures on the walls
2. Reorganize the linen and main closets
3. Remove random door (the one I used to take outfit pictures in front of)
4. Find a small accent table for under the mirror in our main entry


1. Find a buffet table
2. Organize and clean off counter tops
3. Reorganize cupboards
4. Reorganize pantry
5. Clean out fridge and find a better method of organizing

Living Room

1. Refinish buffet table
2. Find matching covers for the couch and love seat
3. Make new pillow covers
4. Paint the fireplace white
5. Refinish piano stool
6. New shade for lamp and spray paint base
7. Frame wedding painting
8. Curtains for the windows


1. Find a rug for the room
2. Get curtains for window
3. Chair for the desk
4. Organize top of desk
5. Organize desk drawers
6. Organize file cabinets
7. Organize closet
8. Make coat rack for back door


1. Paint
2. Make coat rack/bench
3. Refinish stairs into basement


1. Get larger storage for DVD collection (we have a ton!!)
2. Organize closet
3. Curtains for windows
4. Organize and purge junk!

Um, I did one organizing project this month. Pretty lame. I think I need to set goals, so I have a deadline to work towards. But here is a glimpse as to what I did:

My drawer in the bathroom was pretty cluttered. I would always have to rummage through it to find what I was looking for. I had a bunch of bobby pins loose in there, but they would always slide to the back of the drawer, which was frustrating when I wanted to find something in a hurry. Here is the before pictures: 

Pretty bad. Things piled on top of each other; things I had no idea was even in there. First, I took everything out and surveyed what was going on:

See, lots of stuff. Multiple bottles of lotion, lots of headbands and hair binders, even a penny?? I'm not even sure. 

One of the main things I wanted to do with this drawer was to add a magnetic strip to the front to house all my bobby pins, so they wouldn't be sliding around the drawer anymore. I found magnet tape at office depot for about $4. I'd never used something like it before, so I was interested as to how it would work. Well, when I rolled it out, it wouldn't stay flat. I bent it a little to far in the other direction and part of it cracked, but I guess it doesn't really matter. Then I tried to stick it to the drawer with the adhesive on the back of the tape, but it didn't stick at all. So I took out some of the little 3M sticky tabs we have from the hooks and put a few of them on the back. That seems to be holding for now, but I might have to find something stronger in the future. Here is what it looks like with the bobby pins on it: 

After that, time to organize the rest of the drawer. For now, I didn't add any drawer dividers/small boxes or things like that, but after living with this for a couple days, I think I might have to, as things are starting to slide around.

See? Much more organized and streamlined! I'm planning on reorganizing the cabinet right below my drawer soon, and hopefully I can even get more stuff out of this drawer, like all the headbands!


  1. I love the bobby pin idea! I don't use them but both of my girls do and they're constantly getting scattered everywhere. I have a list like this though not quite as well laid out and it is hard to focus on getting stuff off it. I figure the house will look exactly like I want it in about 20 years!

  2. Yeah, that magnet tape generally stinks. You can sometimes find flat sheets of it that you can cut, and they work better since they aren't rolled up already. The drawer looks really nice now! Oh, and that was a really clever idea about using the magnet tape to hold your bobby pins.

  3. I would have never thought of magnet tape or magnet strip tape for that matter! So creative. I like it. Rachel xx

  4. What a great idea! You will have to keep us posted when you find a stronger way to hold it; I would love to try this. Right now, mine are in a mason jar...not bad, but I love this idea!