Monday, March 31, 2014

March Spending

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend! I feel like we got a good amount done, which is always good! We also had our first 60 degree day yesterday, so I think that made the weekend successful :)

Can you believe March is over already?! The year is going by so fast! But that means summer will be here soon and hopefully some nice weather :) I decided to link up with Fran for her Monthly Budget post. I've had fun reading her (and other's) posts and decided this would be a good month to join in myself. I feel like I got a lot of clothes, but between sales, coupons, and gift cards, I didn't do too bad!

1 & 2. Tanks (Target): $2.80 each x 2 = $5.60
3. Yellow shirt (Goodwill): $4.99
4. Striped shirt (Goodwill): $2.99
5. Gray long sleeve (Gap): $3.58
6 & 7. T-shirts (Target): $3.50 each x 2 = $7
8. (not pictured) Work-out tank (Old Navy): $8.07

9. Snakeskin flats (Gap): $9.58
10. Gold flats (Old Navy): $6.73

11. White blazer (Goodwill): $8.99
12. Striped blazer (Clothes Mentor): $4.90
13. Blue blazer (Clothes Mentor): $4.90
14. Brown blazer (Vintage Village): $0.99

Yikes, I bought 14 things! That is definitely more than I've gotten in one month in a long time! But the total for all these things was $68.32. I used a gift card I got from Inbox Dollars for $26.77 of this total, so total out of pocket was $41.55. Not bad! 

By the way, does anyone have a good iphone app for picture collages? I made these with Pic Collage, but I'm not really happy with the limited choices in collage options. 

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  1. looks like you had a great month! those flats are super cute! i personally make my collages on the computer, haven't found an app i like!