Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Happenings/St. Patrick's Day Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Is anyone doing anything fun to celebrate the day? We don't usually do anything- I did buy shamrock shaped cookies at the grocery store :) That's about as much as I do... 

Hopefully everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend and are ready for the week ahead! (and the snow?!) Here's what I was up to this weekend:


I ran to Target after work. When hubby came home, we decided to take Zoe for a walk in the local park, because the high was in the 40's. However, the wind was wicked- it felt a ton colder!- and there were huge puddles everywhere from the melting snow! Needless to say, the walk didn't last long and Zoe was a muddy, wet mess when we got home.

For dinner, we went to a local church's Friday fish fry with hubby's parents. It was really good! 


I woke up with another headache that knocked me out most of the day :( I did manage to get some grocery shopping done, then I took a nap most of the afternoon. Pretty low key day.


We went to church, then after lunch I went to the gym to work out. I'm trying to run again! I'm doing running/walking intervals to start and hopefully I can work my way up to a 5k this summer! After that, I just did some housework and reading for the rest of the day. Oh, and hubby and his dad worked on installing a fan/vent in our bathroom.

Nothing too exciting, but sometimes it's just nice to veg after a week of work.

Keeping in the St. Patrick's Day mood, here is an appropriate outfit I wore over the weekend:

Shirts: Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Old Navy
Scarf: New York and Co.
Sunglasses: Target
Earrings: The Limited

I love this new top I got from Target! (Although it's already starting to tear in the seam) I decided to pair it with my floral scarf for a Spring feel. Here's how I wore the same top for work a couple weeks ago:


  1. Hope you are feeling better after your headache this weekend. You look great in both outfits. You gotta love leopard and green together!

    1. Thank you! Leopard and green is definitely one of my new favorite combinations :)

  2. I love how cute leopard and green look together!

  3. I love the green top with the floral - definitely a great way to try to convince spring to get here already :) And boo for wet, cold walks. I'm hoping it warms up for you soon!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I'm hoping all my convincing will bring the warm weather soon :)

  4. that top is a great shade of green! Hopefully you can fix the seam and keep wearing it!