Thursday, January 9, 2014


Don't tell me you don't get a little excited when you hear that word! Probably within the last 6 months or so, I've been discovering ways to get freebies and I want to share with you all how to do it too!

One thing before I begin, you do need to provide an email address when signing up for samples. I'd recommend getting an email address specifically used for things such as this that may warrant more 'spam' type emails in your account. (Either a new one or that one you had to get in 7th grade computer class that you still have? [aka something with awesome, super, puppy, flower, etc and a random assortment of digits in the name...] Yeah, use that)

It also takes on average between 4-6 weeks for your samples to arrive. So while it will take awhile initially, if you keep signing up for things every week, you will keep getting nice surprises in your mail regularly :) I've gotten different types of coffee, tea, soup, razors, contact solution, reusable grocery totes, hair care samples, the list goes on and on!

1. Freeflys

This is a site that lists all the freebies available on the internet. They post links that take you to the manufacturer's site, Facebook, Target, etc. and you follow the directions to sign up. You may not qualify for everything out there, but it doesn't hurt to try! I've received both sample sizes and full size products. I also follow them on Facebook and they are very good about posting freebies available everyday!

2. Heavenly Steals 

Another site like Freeflys that lists freebies available online as well as showing free or cheap deals in stores such as Target and Walmart. I also follow them on Facebook to see the deals out there everyday.

3. Store Sites

Store websites such as Target and Walmart have a page of freebies or sample sizes. I've found that these can go rather quickly, so keep checking to see what's available!

4. BuzzAgent

This is a new site I just found out about and joined. It is a site that works with companies to promote their products. You sign up for an account, take some surveys about your interests and habits, and if you are a good fit, they invite you to join in a campaign. During a campaign, they send you a free product which you try out, then complete tasks on their website, such as writing reviews, posting comments to Facebook, sharing on your blog, etc. This is a really neat way to try out products you may have never been inclined to try in the first place (I just finished my first campaign on Cottonelle's new moist wipes, for example. They were neat to try out but I may have not bought them for myself in the first place!)

How about you? Are you a freebie hunter like me? What sites are your favorites to check out?


  1. I joined Bzzagent a couple months ago and have gotten awesome freebies!

    1. It does seem really neat so far! I'm excited to see what other campaigns I'll qualify for!

  2. Thanks for sharing :)
    I tweeted this out.

  3. Thanks doe sharing these, I'm all about freebies!

    1. I love sharing any cool things like this! It's nice to have all the resources in one place too :)

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